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Color Machine Film-Red-20" X 5000' X 63 Ga-6 Rolls

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USD 308.95

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Available in 20” or 30” with 5000 feet per roll and 70 and 80-gauge thickness, our Color Machine Film is a tough and durable film that will guard shipments superbly and disguise your shipment if desired



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Many have discovered that Color Machine Film also provides amazing packaging efficiency because users don t encounter annoying breakages that will double work them

Our goal is to equip you with the right gauge that will stabilize your packages during shipment and save you money

Similar to our blown stretch film, this colored machine film will have a noisy unwind aspect, but besides that, you ll be satisfied with its puncture resistant, and tamper proof security

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Whether you re a single user who wraps smaller packages or you re a purchaser for a company and you need a substantial amount at one time, we are your source for both bundling wrap and extended core style applications

You ll benefit greatly from our Color Machine Film because it offers your packages an advertisement feature that allows your product to be easily noticed


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